Rescue 15

Digital Emergency Call System

In order to improve the accessibility of police to public in case of any emergency, a computerized Rescue 15 has been established. Any person can lodge his complaint from any landline number and any network of mobile phone in the area of District Vehari.15 toll free numbers has been mapped on 5 backend lines, which are connected with customized computer software installed in 5 computers and two servers.

Mission Statement
“Our mission is to win the confidence of fellow citizens and to inculcate the spirit of public friendly policing with community participation”. Realizing the need of the day, Vehari Police has introduced the Rescue 15 project for the convenience of the public. This project is on the lines similar to Rescue services implemented around the world.

General Positioning System (GPS)


It was realistically observed that the prevailing system to supervise the patrolling duties and checking of mobile vehicles was not that effective as it should be. Inspite of vigorous checking by the supervisory officers, proper encouragements and at times harsh punishments awarded to the delinquents, some police officials usually convey wrong replies of their positions during mobile patrolling to the control rooms and supervisory officers. So, there was a dire need of some catalyst to monitor the patrolling officers through the use of Information Technology and achieve the following objects:

  • Effective surveillance of the police mobile vehicles, especially during night hours.
  • Immediate relief to the general public.
  • Effective picketing.
  • Quick response time to the crime scene.
  • Prevention of Crime.
  • Improving Response time
  • Calculation of the distance travelled by mobiles in a particular time.
  • Intelligent and effective management of fuel.
  • Effective patrolling.
  • Red handed Arrest of criminals.

Installation of latest computers/internet in SDPO' office for monitoring of Police Mobiles Patrolling. Now, the district police have installed trackers in 61 (sixty-one) police vehicles of the district to connect / supervise them through GPS+GPRS as most of the law enforcement agencies of different countries are using the same technology. A State of Art Digital Control Room has been established at Rescue 15 Centre of the district, where each and every police mobile is monitored round the clock, as every police mobile is visible on Google Earth Map. Sub-Control Rooms have also been established at all the 3 Sub-Divisional Offices of SDPOs. Besides meaningful monitoring of police mobile vehicles, following advantages are also being acquired:



  • Exact location of police mobiles.
  • Police mobile’s ignition on or off-detail.
  • Speed profile of police mobile.
  • Previous track of the police mobile.
  • Distance traveled by the police mobile.
  • (The fuel consumption of each vehicle can be assessed on daily, weekly and monthly basis and officials involved in misappropriation of fuel will be dealt with sternly).Direction of police mobile.
  • If a mobile stays more than 30 minutes, an alert flashes on the screen of operator/monitoring officer.
  • Alerts will be flashed if any mobile vehicle exits from the district Vehari. In this regard, geofencing of District Vehari has been done.
  • History of each mobile i.e. routes travelled can be stored for 90 days.
  • Improve communication, performance of officials/drivers and accountability.
  • Landmarks have been added on Google Earth map at important places. (It shows that the mobile vehicles are checking important places like District Jail, Courts, Banks and Main Bazars etc.)

Since installation of tracking system in the police vehicles, the patrolling has become more effective which resulted in prevention and detection of crime to a large extent.

Citizen Feedback System

It has been observed with concern that sometimes emergency calls especially regarding cognizable offences are received on the Rescue 15 and for Its confirmation is sent to concerned  Police but SHO’s /Police do not pay attention and no cognizance is take well in time.
So, Citizen Feedback System is launched from Punjab Government. Now every important call is uploaded from Rescue 15 on the Chief Minister’s website, and a message is sent from the Chief Minister about the behavior, response and corruption of Police.