District Overview


Vehari means low lying settlement by a flood water channel. The district lies along the right bank of the river Sutlej which forms its southern boundary. This district was established in 1976. It has an area of 4364 Sq Km.

The district consists of plain area with fertile land. It is a part of Indus plain. It has the best cultivated land which is suitable for cotton, wheat and other agricultural crops. Vehari district lies in Nili Bar which is between Ravi and Bias and Sutlej rivers. Vehari district has a big canal system with two canals namely Pakpatan and Mailsi Canal. There are 19 canals in Vehari with total length as 1380 kilometers approximately.


There are three tehsils in district Vehari:

  1. Mailsi

  2. Burewala

  3. Vehari


Area: 4373  Sq Km
Population: 27.59 Million
Police Strength: 1854
Police Circles: 03
Police Stations: 19
Union Councils: 89
MNAs: 05 (Special Seat = 01)
MPAs: 10 (Special Seat = 02)
Senators: Nil